Infurnus slugs are a fiery species of slug. Infernus slugs can survive even after falling into molten lava. These slugs are empowered with the element of fire and are ultra rare. In its protoform it can create a small flame, good for light in dark spots, signal flares, and lighting a campfire. Its prefered habitat is the Cinder Rapids. Its power type is a powerful fire slug.

Burpy, an Infurnus Slug.


  • Flash Fire - Shoots a small to medium fireball
  • Beatwave - Hits the ground surrouned by a giant fireball, knocking opponents back
  • Heatshield - Stops in mid-air, flame wings spread out and project a protective wall of fire
  • Spikescorch - Extremely hot micro-comet projectile, good for piercing stone or steel
  • Flamespire - Spiral rings of fire surround an opponent
  • Novaclaw - Creates an expolding, fiery path
  • Wingburst - Stops in air with wings wide open and showers foe with fiery strafing
    275px-Burpy after hitting 100 mph

    An Infurnus Slug after reaching 100 Mph.